Irish Woodworks is a combination of ideas and companies that all started at Notre Dame. Fresh out of his time in the ESTEEM  program, Jeff Riney started a woodworking company called Expressive Woodworks. He was producing custom woodwork items for four different dorms but when COVID hit, things became difficult. He decided to move on from his woodworking company saying "I would never do this again." However, by the summer, a fellow entrepreneur and faculty member at Notre Dame, Matt Leevy  realized that Jeff had been on to something. Matt  and his partner, Sean Kassen, had previously started a company, Benefactory, which focused on producing customized gift items for Notre Dame stakeholders. Jeff rejoined the entrepreneurial battlefield and these companies merged to create Irish Woodworks. Eventually, Jeff amended his previous statement and said, “I can’t believe I ever said that cause this is the greatest thing I have ever done." 

The company rapidly expanded to create customized woodwork items for all of the Notre Dame dorms and added staff members  who  could focus on the design aspect, such  as Shreejan Shrestha. Since then, Irish Woodworks has had great trajectory with over 1,900 orders. Currently, Irish Woodworks works alongside the Innovation Lab at Notre Dame to produce their customized items. However, they are looking to expand to having their own equipment and business office. They are also looking to expand their pre-designed inventory to include clubs, sports, and band items to add to their existing dorm items.

They will also continue with their original idea, creating custom items. Upon contact, Irish Woodworks prides itself on completing 100% of projects offered. 


Meet the Team

Matt Leevy

"Sean is the heart of the company and has fantastic hair”

Jeff Riney

“I admire Sean’s work ethic and his ability to do 95% of the work”

Ryan Kreager

"Matt and Sean are the best guys to work with at ND"

Tony Van Avermaete

“I admire Sean’s work ethic and his ability to do 95% of the work”

Sean Kassen

“The 5% my team gives me is crucial and I couldn’t do it without them.”

Shreejan Shrestha

“Met a lot of nice people in my life, especially since I’m from Nepal, but their is no one nicer than Sean Kassen.”